Who I Am

First, the basics:

I’m a 35-year-old wife, mother, Filipino-American, psychologist, former Air Force brat/Air Force wife, Catholic, Domer, and Libra. My body runs on beef. And cheese. I love dancing, silliness, and hearing people’s stories. I’m most comfortable living in the gray areas; extremism baffles me. I do a pretty good rendition of Tupac and Dr. Dre’s “California Love” at karaoke. I give good hugs.

Second, a word about my husband (this will be important later):

He loves to mash words together. Some of his more ingenious creations are: smugly (smug + ugly), funderwear (fun + underwear), and smarticle (smart + article).

Third, how this blog came about:

My husband (henceforth referred to as “Buddy”) and I like to share our opinions with each other about every topic under the sun, ranging from who the craziest presidential candidate is to which foreign language is easiest on the ears to who farts the most in our house (hint: it’s not Buddy. Or me.)  Occasionally these discussions will inspire me to flush out one of my thoughts in more depth. So I write a short essay expressing my thoughts on the matter. Then I give the essay to Buddy to read, and he lovingly proclaims that I have written a “smarticle”. Hooray! I started sharing some of my smarticles with close friends who, along with Buddy, suggested that I create a blog, and … here we are!

Fourth, why this blog is named “Smarticle Matter”:

“Smarticle” and “matter” are pretty easy to explain separately, but why put them together? You already know where smarticle comes from. As a bonus, Urban Dictionary defines smarticle as “a very smart/intelligent person”. That’s kinda fun. Matter simply refers to “something that is being done, talked about, or thought about (see Merriam-Webster.com/dictionary/matter for more details). So when you put it all together, Smarticle Matter essentially refers to “a smart article about a topic that intelligent people think or talk about”. That’s something you can get on board with, right?

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